Our Stories

Story of "Clive"

Clive came to the front door of Elmore every day for almost a week. He was suffering immeasurably from sarcoptic mange and other parasites, and could barely walk. He received the care he needed thanks to Lucky Lab Rescue and some fantastic fosters, and he is now living happily in Massachusetts with his new family.

Story of "Poppy"

Poppy was found outside of Elmore's cafeteria. She probably would not have made it another night without intervention. She tested positive for heartworms along with being so emaciated she could barely move. Thanks to Houston K-911 and an incredible foster, she is now chubby, heartworm free, and heading to her new home soon.

Story of "Star"

Star was looking for food in the middle of a busy road near Elmore. She had a prolapsed uterus from overbreeding and needed an emergency procedure done. Following that procedure, she was found to have several mammary tumors which needed to be removed. Thanks to Southpaws Express, she is now recovered and living in Rhode Island with her foster family.

Story of "Charlotte"

Charlotte was found limping down the street next to Elmore. She was skinny, scarred up, and seemed to be in immense abdominal pain. She was taken to an emergency vet, where it was determined her heartworm disease had progressed past treatment and had led to multiple organ failure. She was euthanized.

Story of "Rocket"

Little Rocket was trying to get into the school one morning. He had mange and other parasites. A teacher from another school fostered him through Niagara Falls Rescue while he was treated, and then he went to his amazing new home in Canada.

Story of "Rya"

Rya was reported by one of our students as a stray living near her house. She, like Charlotte, has heartworm disease that has progressed to either organ failure or a possible severe infection. A foster through Three Little Pitties is keeping her comfortable as they determine whether treatment will be effective.

Story of "Will"

Will grew up on the streets with his stray mother and siblings. He was the last remaining puppy when his mother was tragically hit and killed by a car. Will was rescued and is being rehabilitated by Houston K-911 and his foster family before he journeys up to his forever home in Massachusetts.