Helpful Information

Please adopt! Do not support puppy mills by buying animals from breeders, pet stores, or anybody other than rescue organizations or shelters. For more information about why puppy mills and breeders should not be supported, visit:

Houston Animal Adoption Organizations:

Below is a small selection of shelters and rescue groups who you might consider adopting from. There are hundreds of other groups, with almost every breed and type of dog available for adoption!

Helping an Animal

To report a stray, call your local animal control or SPCA. A map of phone numbers by county for animal control is linked here:


To report abused, neglected, or stray animals, contact both of these:

SPCA Houston

Call 713-869-7722, or complete an online report HERE.

Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force

Call 832-927-7297, or complete online report HERE.